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  • Ickburgh School uses Experia’s M.I.L.E to create their own Winter Wonderland

    Over the years we’ve come across schools and establishments utilising their Sensory Rooms in innovative and creative ways to transport users to another world, time or place at any time throughout the year.

    A winter wonder land created by Ickburgh School in London A winter wonder land created by Ickburgh School in London

    We were therefore seriously impressed by the work by Ickburgh School in Hackney with their winter themed Sensory Room. It was created using Experia’s M.I.L.E® (Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment) technology which allows them to create scenarios and use Sensory Equipment to

    create new worlds, tell stories and teach lessons regardless of age or ability. Not only can these be used time and time again, they can also be shared with establishments that have M.I.L.E installed.

    M.I.L.E makes learning more engaging as it combines light, sound, video, vibration, moving air, different aromas and even atmospheric conditions and integrates easily with new or existing components from the Experia IRiS (Interactive Reward System) range.

    As we entered the Sensory Room at Ickburgh School, Christmas music filled the room whilst a

    The sensory room is beautifully decorated with a winter wonderland theme. The sensory room is beautifully decorated with a winter wonderland theme.

    large video projection of a snow scene unfolded right in front of our eyes. Bubble Tubes, Fibre Optics and Light Spreaders were all set to a vibrant snowy white - all of which playing a part in making the occupants of the room feel like they were in an icy landscape. The decorations in the room further enhanced the feeling of a winter wonderland and we are thrilled that so much effort has been made to create a truly magical space for the students and staff.

    To find out more about M.I.L.E and how it can benefit your establishment call 0845 644 0977 or email info@experia-innovations.co.uk

  • Another sensory room, another delighted customer

    Over the years we have received some wonderful comments and testimonials about our team and our sensory products, something that makes doing what we do that little bit more rewarding. Our most recent success story comes from Bristol and the Davis family.

    Corner of Oliver's sensory room Corner of Oliver's sensory room

    Lisa Davis contacted Experia looking for multi-sensory solutions for her son Oliver, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Our team met with Lisa to discuss the requirements and needs of Oliver to offer the best possible equipment that can cater to his needs, the outcome, a state of the art bespoke IRiS sensory room and Hydro Pool.

    After an initial site visit and consultation, full 3D drawings of each room were presented and approved by the family. The next step then was to manufacture the products in our state of the art facilities based in South Yorkshire, each product hand assembled and tested.

    The eventual install took just a day and left Lisa and Oliver thrilled with the outcome, with Lisa stating, “I would like to say thank you for the amazing sensory room and lighting in our pool room that was completed today, my son is mesmerized by the fibre optic wall carpet and will get so much pleasure from it “.

    We are always delighted to know that our customers are happy with the outcomes of their rooms, and we are thrilled Lisa and Oliver both love their new sensory environments. We hope it brings happiness to them both and that the whole family can benefit from this new space.

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