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Building A Sensory Room

Sensory Room Ideas

So, you've decided to build a sensory room! Great idea! Now, let's take a close look at the core areas that your room may address. Remember, a sensory room is providing a sensory diet. It is a space where sensory information can be translated and interpreted in an organised and efficient manner. Whereas outside of a sensory room the nervous system must interpret and filter, in a sensory room the information has been developed to work at “high efficiency”

Calming LED Bubble Tube, build sensory room, sensory diet LED Bubble Tube

1) What do they see? The core of your sensory room starts with lighting and visual effects. Well actually before that you need to take a look at your walls. They should be bare. White walls work best but whatever colour you choose, keep it simple. Remember you are providing a sensory diet, not sensory overload. A bubble tube or bubble wall should be a main piece of sensory room equipment. Fibre optic strands and other fibre optics can also be used for visual effects. You can surround the room with reflections from a mirror ball or projector using some very cool effect wheels. These can be interactive, remotely controlled or set to a certain colour or pattern. These visual tools are designed to orient yet calm the nervous system. Changing colours can improve visual tracking skills and awareness skills yet also provide relaxation and decrease stress levels.

2) Music to Their Ears: A sensory room can have a great effect on the auditory system through the use of soothing sounds, music and interactive sound panels. For those with auditory defensiveness or sensitivities the sound system used in a sensory room can regulate their auditory responses.

3) Touch: Though most equipment in a sensory room is touch friendly, what’s quite a sensory stimulator is the ability to touch a panel, screen or bubble tube and watch the effects that occur.

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