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Experia with Sarah Beeny and Channel 4 make a dream come true with a state of the art wireless multi-sensory room

Experia have donated a state of the art wireless sensory room to a family based in West Sussex which is set to appear on the Channel 4 show hosted by Sarah Beeny "Double Your House For Half The Money". The channel 4 show which airs September 17th at 8pm follows a family as they are undergoing major home renovations to accommodate the growing needs of their 7 year old disabled daughter Iona-May who suffers quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Iona-May enjoying her new sensory room Iona-May enjoying her new sensory room

Experia were approached by Channel 4 to donate specialist equipment for the show, but after seeing the fund raising efforts the family had put in to create a better environment for their daughter, they couldn’t stop there, "I was bowled away when I saw the amount of effort put in by the whole family with the fund raising" says Richard Nelson, Marketing Manager at Experia, "This family really had gone the extra mile for Iona-May, and we couldn't let them settle for second best with the crowning glory of the house, the sensory room."

Experia donated a fully loaded state of the art wireless sensory room which included a Bubble Tube, Infinity Panel, Fibre Optics, Projector, UV Lights, and a Sensory Resource Box to Iona-May, all of which help create a calming and relaxing environment.

The day of the reveal was a magical moment as Iona-May entered her brand new wireless sensory room for the first time. Instantly mesmerised by the fibre optic strands, Iona-May soon had a favourite piece of sensory equipment in the shape of an Experia Fibre Optic Cascade.

The Experia installation team installed the room the day before the big reveal with the family over the moon with the radical transformation of their old kitchen, Vicki Thorne, the mother of Iona-May stating "I have to admit to being totally blown away with the sensory room - simply awesome. It is still hard to believe that this amazing room is actually in our home and that we can go in there anytime we like and play as a family or for peace and quiet or therapy sessions with Iona-may."

"There are so many times when Iona-may is unwell or the weather is bad and we can't get out and the sensory room is going to be the central part of the home where we can spend quality time together as a family. Nana has story times and music sessions planned with Iona-may and Henry cuddled up on the bean bags which will give me some free time too."


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