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Experia launches IRiS+ app for Android™

Making multisensory app technology truly accessible to all

The original app-controlled sensory room, Experia’s IRiS+ is now available on Android™!

Imagine a sensory room where everything you can see, hear and touch can be controlled through your phone or tablet!

This has been the reality for Experia’s customers since 2013, via iPad, iPod and iPod Touch.

But not everyone has an Apple device, and so Experia has developed an Android app so that the unique, personalised Interactive Reward System (IRiS) technology really can be used by everyone!

The ethos behind Experia’s IRiS products is that of Accessibility. Everyone should be able to control all the products in the room, regardless of their ability:

Back in 2005, when IRiS was created, Gareth Jones, Experia MD’s vision was that:

“No one should be barred from using the system, there must be a switch for them! Likewise no person should be barred from getting feedback from the system, there must be a product that stimulates or calms them regardless of their ability!”

IRiS technology allows you to easily change the control of any of your IRiS multisensory products between any of its switches, from gross motor movements via interactive soft play, through voice recognition to develop communication skills, to the finest motor control making it accessible to those with extremely limited movement – and this is where the app really shines.

Using the device’s in-built motion sensors and microphone, the app features 12 different switching modes – more than any other app on the market – so that the user can control the room via sound, touch, rotation and more, depending on their abilities and the skills you’re looking to develop. Why not try placing the device flat on the user's wheelchair tray and enabling them to change the colours in the room by spinning around in Compass mode?

Gareth explains: “From the large buttons or colour slider, to the use of the device's vibration and voice recognition software, there's something on the Experia App to make it accessible and relevant to everyone. The 12 modes all also have extensive sensitivity and control settings, so that you can not only choose the multisensory products (i.e. rewards) that your users respond best to, but you can completely customise the actions they must take in order to receive those rewards.

“It’s great for developing life skills including cause and effect understanding, vocalisation, fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, turn taking and more: the Experia IRiS+ app opens up a whole new world of learning and development and is the most advanced control switch on the market. And in today’s world where technology is so prevalent, encouraging its use develops really valuable, useful life skills.”

All you need to make your device control your IRiS multisensory equipment is Experia’s iconvertor and to download the FREE Experia IRiS+ app.

Click here for Apple products, or

Click here for Android products.


If you don't already have an IRiS or IRiS+ sensory room, check out our IRiS+ Sensory Room Packages:

Lykke: the app controlled sensory room
incorporates our most popular IRiS products into a complete sensory room package, all controllable from your smartphone or tablet.



Brahman: the teenagers' sensory hangout
is a stylish and more age-appropriate sensory solution designed specifically for young adults, with everything in the room being controllable from a smartphone or tablet.



Hygge: the professionals' IRiS Sensory Room is easy to use and completely open ended. You can add as many more IRiS products as you like and they will all work together, including the iConverter which turns the room into IRiS+ so that you can use the app to control everything in the room.



Since Experia’s IRiS technology makes it really simple to switch between controllers, this means that you can still use your iPad or iPhone to control the products of your choosing, but you can now also use your Android device as well - up to 4 different devices can be used in one IRiS+ Sensory Room!

The original multisensory app, and still the best, IRiS+ takes your multisensory experience to the next level.

Download the IRiS+ app on Android here

Download the IRiS+ app for Apple products here


The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
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