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Fundraising Ideas: Sponsored Cycle

Why not pedal your way to a new sensory room? Everyone loves a challenge and a sponsored cycle in the ultimate test of mental and physical endurance. Training is an absolute must, the further you go the more money you will raise, simple! Remember that the longer routes need a lot more planning, advanced preparation is essential.  We have included some top tips to help you plan your sponsored cycle:

1.  Pick a route and stick to it

You need a route and you need to know it like the back of your hand.  For longer routes you should look to buy or borrow a suitable bike GPS Sat Nav. The last thing you want is to get lost in the middle of nowhere!

2.  Train Train Train

Don’t underestimate the challenge, you need to train and train hard, we recommend giving yourself at least three months to build up your confidence and fitness.

bike ride

3.  Service your bike

Simple tasks such as cleaning your bike, checking tyre pressure, and oiling your chain and breaks are essential before attempting a long sponsored cycle.  Don’t let your bike be the reason for dropping out before the finishing line!

4.  Tell anyone and everyone

There’s no point in you taking part in a huge challenge when nobody knows about it! Plan your sponsorship well in advance. Ask around at work and at school.

Sponsorship forms are getting a bit old fashioned now, however they are still very useful to keep track of your sponsors. Many people now create a “Just Giving” page, this is a fantastically easy and safe way to manage your fundraising pot on-line. Use your Facebook and Twitter profiles to share the links with your friends and followers. People love to read a personal story. So don’t forget to tell people in detail why you are raising money and how, be sincere, this is key! Encourage your friends and family to share and spread the word!

The Experia Team

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