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  • Changing Sensory Room Lamps

    If you’re lucky enough to have a new sensory room, chances are there aren’t a lot of lamps to change as most new products are LED driven. However for those products that do need periodic lamp changes, here are a few tips: 1. Switch the unit off and leave the...
  • Cleaning Soft Coverings

    We suggest cleaning your soft coverings every week at least. Use a clean cloth and a detergent such a Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner (try it in an unobtrusive area first) to ensure your soft play looks great and is tip top condition.  Depending on the users, you may need to...
  • Sensory Room Maintenance

    Maintaining a well designed sensory room is easy.  We have put together this Sensory Room Maintenance guide to help assist. We suggest checking the following regularly, especially if the room has heavy use:  Check that no mains outlet cables can be seen. If they are visible, then they need to...
  • Rechargeable Batteries

    Using rechargeable batteries is a great idea, but remember that they are run down quicker than a normal battery. This should never be a problem if you’re putting the batteries on charge every day. We have a wide selection of rechargeable batteries available for sale on our website. You can...
  • Handy Hints and tips

    If you have any handy hints or tips you would like to share with others then please comment below.

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