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How to Clean a Bubble Tube

It takes only minutes, once every eight to twelve weeks, to keep a bubble tube in prime condition! And, there are only two things that need to be done in order to ensure this …

  • First, the water needs to be changed at the aforementioned interval of eight to twelve weeks.
  • The second maintenance step is to add our BCB water treatment to the fresh water at every water change.

Below are our tip tops on how to carry out these two steps correctly and safely.

How to Clean a Bubble Tube:

  1. Wrap a towel around the base of the acrylic column prior to changing the water. If any water spills during the filling process, it can run down the column and into the base. If this happens, the electronics can be damaged permanently and require an expensive repair.


  1. To start the siphoning process, fill approximately 15 feet of hose with water. Plug both ends, put one end into the bubble tube and the other into an empty bucket on the floor. Un-plug the end in the bucket, and the water will begin siphoning out.


  1. WARNING: Do NOT use your mouth to begin the siphon, as the BCB formula can be toxic if swallowed. Alternatively, you can purchase our Bubble Tube Pump and Hose Kit which will help you safely keep your bubble tube clean and bacteria free. It makes the process easier by having a convenient foot pump attached to start the siphon.

So, why do you need to clean your bubble tube every eight to twelve weeks? Well, this is the average amount of time that the water treatment remains effective before it breaks down. The BCB formula is specifically formulated to control bacteria and thwart algae growth, while remaining inert to the components of the system. Only 20ml needs to be added to each bubble tube at each water change, so a bottle will last almost a year.

Why Cleaning your Bubble Tube is so Important

how-to-clean-a-bubble-tubeSo, what happens if you don’t change the water or use BCB solution? Even if the water is not becoming discoloured, bacteria starts growing. Bacteria loves little nooks and crannies to grow in, and they start growing in the diffuser that creates the bubbles. At first there will just be fewer bubbles, but after a while they might come to a complete stop. This, in turn, puts increasing pressure on the pump.

Two things can happen with this increase in pressure, either the pump will overheat and become damaged, or the increased pressure can cause the one-way valve in the air line to fail. If this happens, the entire contents of the bubble tube will leak into the base, ruining the electronics and possibly your floor.



Remember, a bubble tube can, in many cases, be life changing! It can help children find a calm peacefulness that they haven’t experienced in a long time. For the educator, it can help a student de-escalate before they exhibit unwanted behaviours, improving both the students’ experience and the educator’s ability to manage the classroom.

Bubble Tubes At Experia UK

Experia has made it easy for you to manage the cleaning process by including a maintenance worksheet with all bubble tubes. Simply record the date of the maintenance and make note of anything out of the ordinary. This will be important to have if the need ever arises for a warranty claim. However, if you follow these guidelines, it is more likely that you will experience many, many years of trouble-free use from your Experia bubble tube.

For any further information on bubble tubes and other sensory products, please feel free to contact our expert and friendly team.

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