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International Sensory Training for Experia Team

Experia staff are working with therapy experts at the Worldwide Snoezelen Foundation to improve the experience of people in Yorkshire with learning disabilities.

Snoezelen is a type of therapy originally founded in Holland for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Experia attended an intensive training programme at the Snoezelen Centre in Amsterdam, delivered by Ilse Achterberg, who has unparalleled experience in the field. The team focused on exploring the opportunities to use the company’s sensory products to unlock sensory development and progress for users who often have dementia or learning difficulties including autism.

Experia designs, manufactures and installs sensory equipment to aid sensory development and works with schools, hospitals and specialist care centres across the country to create multisensory environments to enable users to develop their sensory skills.

Group photo WorldWideScnoezelen Ilse Achterberg, and colleague of WorldWide Snoezelen, alongside the Experia Team

Peter Saunders, Managing Director of Experia, said: “The training undertaken by our entire sales team was hugely educational and rewarding. Ilse’s approach and knowledge extended our knowledge of our products and how they can be used. I joined Experia a matter of months ago so it was great to see the fantastic work people are doing in the industry to advance learning, products and therapy for those with learning difficulties and dementia.
“Our ongoing partnership and work with Ilse enables us to continue developing our products to be the very best in the sector and to help all our users with their sensory development.”

Ilse Achterberg, Occupational Therapist and Snoezelen Trainer, said: “Snoezelen therapy has been developed for users with developmental difficulties, who will also benefit from many of Experia’s products. I’m pleased to be working with Experia on expanding its product range and services for those with learning difficulties and look forward to continuing this relationship.”
Snoezelen is now also used widely in education and care settings for children with disabilities and autism spectrum disorders as well as dementia and has become a worldwide movement with thousands of installations.

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