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MILE Sensory Pool improving Clinical outcomes!

As busy as we are at Experia HQ we believe it's important to take a moment to reflect on our past successes.

Back in 2014, Experia installed a MILE Sensory Pool System at Oxlea NHS Trust, a Community Service used by 0-19 year olds. The centre rehabilitates users with a mix of Neurological conditions, Orthopaedic Traumas, Head Injuries and post Stroke patients among many others. The new hydrotherapy pool allows environments to be created that are user specific and age appropriate. Users can interact with the pool software, choosing the lights, sounds and images which create the environment whilst using the hydrotherapy pool. The system has not only increased the enjoyment for users, but the improved compliance and engagement from users has resulted in better clinical outcomes.


The sensory pool has aided with the following:

Cause and effect skills: Floating switches in the pool improve cause and effect by allowing pupils to control lights and sound

Music Therapy: Controlled use of speakers, music, sound and vibration aids the lives of pupils with sensory challenges

Fine Motor skills: Movement of feet, legs and arms in the pool

Social interaction: Pupils are encouraged to communicate and respond towards each other in calming surroundings

Measure clinical effectiveness. The clinical outcomes for all of the children has improved as the level of engagement has increased.

Victoria Lambert, Children's Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Manager said:

“We absolutely love our Sensory Pool. Since we had the Experia MiLE Pool System installed, attendance has really increased. Students are more motivated and really enjoy coming to the sessions. The clinical outcomes have also greatly improved as a result of the compliance and engagement from the students. Every hydrotherapy pool should have one!”

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