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Multi-sensory Approach to Handwriting

My latest post looks at Multi-sensory Approach to Handwriting, I hope you find it interesting.

What is a Multi-sensory Approach to Handwriting?

A Multi-sensory approach to learning is considered beneficial for students experiencing difficulties in learning letter formations and letter sounds. This method incorporates the use of all the senses to facilitate learning.


If visual or auditory information is confusing for a student place greater emphasis on movement and touch to teach letter forms and shapes:

  • Writing in damp sand with a finger or with crayons on paper over a textured surface.
  • Have the pattern/forms on a whiteboard and ask the student to rub it off.


Reinforce letter shapes into groups

As appropriate, try and reinforce letter shapes into the following groups. This may assist the student in remembering the formation of the letters:

  • ‘C’ shape letters with a rounded pattern – c o a d g q e
  • Linear letters – l i t
  • Down, up and over letters – r n m h b p k
  • Diagonal letters – x w v z
  • Miscellaneous – u y f s j


Multi-sensory Approach to Handwriting: Other Ideas

Use visual information, movement and touch to teach letter formations, as well as auditory input:

  • Visual – identify letters by matching, pointing or retrieving
  • Auditory – reinforce letter learning with language such as saying the letter and how it is formed (as appropriate)
  • Tactile – trace sandpaper letters, use stencils, create dot-to-dots, form letters using therapeutic putty/play dough, write letters in finger paints/shaving cream
  • Proprioceptive – use body/arm to make letters in the air or trace large letters written on paper to reinforce movement patterns (i.e. ‘feel’ how the letter is formed)

Address handwriting only when the student is ready.

Plan how you will introduce handwriting to your class which will depend upon their needs and skills and also consider the following:

  • Organised desk/table for writing
  • Evaluate pencil grip and need for different writing implements/pencil grips
  • Evaluate body posture and need for equipment to help facilitate a better writing posture

Have fun!

Jessica Brown OT

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