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  • Cleaning Soft Coverings

    We suggest cleaning your soft coverings every week at least. Use a clean cloth and a detergent such a Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner (try it in an unobtrusive area first) to ensure your soft play looks great and is tip top condition.  Depending on the users, you may need to...
  • Sensory Room Maintenance

    Maintaining a well designed sensory room is easy.  We have put together this Sensory Room Maintenance guide to help assist. We suggest checking the following regularly, especially if the room has heavy use:  Check that no mains outlet cables can be seen. If they are visible, then they need to...
  • Rechargeable Batteries

    Using rechargeable batteries is a great idea, but remember that they are run down quicker than a normal battery. This should never be a problem if you’re putting the batteries on charge every day. We have a wide selection of rechargeable batteries available for sale on our website. You can...
  • Handy Hints and tips

    If you have any handy hints or tips you would like to share with others then please comment below.
  • Questions and Queries

    If you have a question about the use of one of our products or how it can benefit certain users then please comment below and we will help you with your query. You can also use our instant chat function on the homepage of our website.
  • Chris Tarrant OBE with our equipment

    Experia has been working with the Lords Taverners Charity for a number of years now in partnership to provide sensory equipment for people with special needs. The charity helps disadvantaged individuals who, without their help, wouldn’t be able to have the multisensory equipment which makes such a difference to their...
  • Collaborate and share…. Make your software go mile’s further!

    We've launched our new Iris Room Director Software and as a valued member of the Experia family, we’re giving you the new software for up to 5 computers on your site totally free of charge! The new update Iris Room Director software is really simple to use, allowing you to...
  • Multi-sensory environments in Dementia care

    According to Science Daily - A new guide has shed fresh light on the positive impact multi-sensory environments can have when caring for people with dementia. The guide contains advice about different materials and tools that can be used to stimulate senses, such as scents like lavender to relax and...
  • Sensory Room Engages Disabled Users in Fun and Joy

    New Experia Sensory Room engages a range of disabled users in a fun and enjoyable way

    Experia have manufactured and installed countless sensory rooms throughout the UK in the past 8 years, each one a true labour of love, that’s why we are always delighted to receive great feedback on the work we do from clients that are enjoying our sensory rooms and equipment. Continue reading

  • Check out our new site

    Our brand new website, full of Multi Sensory products for any room or ability. We've just launched our new and improved website. Our new site is far more user friendly and allows you to find and purchase products far more easily. On the new site you can find products...

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