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Reason 5: Sustainability, Responsibility and Community

Why does Experia pride itself on Sustainability, Responsibility and Community?  Through our programme of continuous improvement, Experia are always seeking ways that ensure that excellence means that all aspects of the business operate as effectively, efficiently and environmentally-friendly as possible. We believe in this ethos in order to offer a truly sustainable sensory solution.

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We also take our corporate social responsibly seriously, supporting charities such as Lord's Taverners and Wooden Spoon. This fantastic support offers fundraising and free sensory spaces so that the dreams of the local communities really can come true!reason 5

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Even our products are designed with a sense of community. Experia's exclusive Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environment (MiLE) enables totally immersive individualised and inclusive experiences whilst encouraging these simple to create and edit scenarios to be easily and freely shared so all can benefit.

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