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Reason 8: Simple Convenient Buying

Looking for simple convenient buying?  Experia gives you the freedom and flexibility to purchase your multi-sensory equipment whenever you want. Whether buying from our extensive range of life-changing products on-line, ordering out of our exciting catalogue or having a bespoke room design... the choice is yours!

We take the hassle out of putting together your sensory purchase. No matter whether it's a single piece of equipment, a whole room or an entire building. Experia will help and support you every step of the way, making your sensory provision journey simple and straightforward as wall as exciting and enjoyable.reason 8

We've even used our extensive knowledge to create sensory packages for a wide range of budget and outcomes, from safe and calming to interactive and stimulating - repeatable rooms for repeatable results and a sense of achievement... sensory success couldn't be easier!

You can realise the benefits of using Experia products immediately by selecting one of our finance options to make a difference to those who need it now. Contact us for more information.

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