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Samuel Pepys School Case Study

Last month  you may recall that Experia reported on Samuel Pepys official open day since the installation of their wonderful new M.i.L.E. room.


The team at Experia HQ thought that it would be a fantastic opportunity to grab the camcorder and speak to Head-teacher Joanne Hardwick up close and personal.

samuel pepys group Top: screenshots of Joanne from the video case study. Lower: photo including Lord's Taverners Members, Sport sensation Jonnie Peocock, Samuel Pepys Staff and Pupils (photo by to Guann-Yeu Chin)

The  Samuel Pepys School Case Study covers many key areas and topics.  Click on the YouTube playlist link below to see it in full for yourself:

video screenshot1

The case study is split into the following sections:

Introduction to M.i.L.E. room Gareth Jones of Experia opens the case study and introduces Samuel Pepys Head-teacher Joanne Hardwick.

Requirements for new sensory environment Joanne discusses the following points:
1. What was your previous sensory room like?
2. What did you want in your new sensory room?
3. Has your new room achieved what you wanted?

Staff training and user benefits covering:
1. Do you see the importance of training staff?
2. Have you created a staff training development plan?
3. What benefits will pupils get from using the M.i.L.E. room?

Working with Experia Joanne discusses her experience of working with Experia

After-care process and the future covering:  1. How did you find the aftercare process?
2. What did you get from the training?
3. What's next for Samuel Pepys?
4. What support did you receive from Lord's Taverners & BT?

A huge thank you to Joanne for taking the time to share all of her recent thoughts and experiences in order to make this case study possible.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing [email protected]


The Experia Team


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