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What Sensory Input Activities Can Be Used in a Multi-Sensory Room

Following on from my Educational Value of Sensory Room Equipment Series, I bring you my latest instalment: Sensory input activities that can be used in a multi-sensory room.

When using a multi-sensory room, try doing the following activities to enhance your experience in the room and help to develop skills.

tactile disc Tactile Disc
  • Tactile Discs or textured boards for hands. Get a tactile experience by touching textured boards!
  • Squishies for hands. Get your hands and fingers alive by using hand held sensory balls that can be pulled, stretched and squeezed. This will help to develop in-hand manipulation skills, fine motor skills, and gives a sensory tactile experience.
  • High fives. With a partner or friend, give each other high fives. This is a fun way to work on eye-hand coordination and gives the body some nice input which can be calming and organizing.
  • Jumping on mats. This is an excellent activity for giving the whole body input which can help with calming and organizing oneself. It also works on gross motor skills.
  • Blowing bubbles. Have fun blowing bubbles, which is a fun way to address oral motor skills and development. The bubbles can be blown in front of a fan and watch them dance around the multi-sensory room!
  • Therapeutic putty/play dough. I love therapeutic putty! You can hide marbles and pennies inside the putty and then pull it a part to find the hidden treasures! This is a great activity to work on hand and finger strength.
    bean bag Multi Coloured Bean Bag
  • Sitting on a bean bag chair. If you need to calm and relax, immerse yourself into a bean bag chair, take a deep breath and relax! Sitting in the bean bag chair gives the body some lovely input which will help to calm and organise the body.
  • Rocking/bouncing on therapy ball. Sitting on a therapy ball is a fun way to give your body some movement input and can help with attention and concentration.
  • Rolling on a mat. Play games where you have to roll to the other side of the room. The rolling action and rolling on the ground can give the whole body some really nice input.
  • Bean/macaroni pool for hands. Again, have the hands and fingers come alive by finding hidden treasures, such as small beads, marbles and pennies in a bean or macaroni pool. This is a great tactile experience and helps to develop hand skills/fine motor skills.

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