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Sensory Room Training - Why Bother?

Training is so very important and crucial when you want to get the best out of your sensory room and equipment.


Training on how to use a sensory room appropriately will not only keep the sensory equipment in good working order, it will also make the room a much better place for the users to use and experience.  We want them to get the best out of their sensory room in order to help them reach their maximum potential in their daily lives, and training will do that.

The best way to establish good training for your sensory room is to have a designated person who is knowledgeable about the use and running of a sensory room to provide training to staff whom use the sensory room with the individuals they work with, or you could have a group of you working together to do this. If the running and use of a sensory room is a whole new experience for you then look for external trainers to come in or attend external courses on how to use sensory rooms. There is so much out there for this and we at Experia can also provide support. A part of this training should also include how to look after the equipment and room. You want to make sure the sensory room is working well and equipment is not broken or needs replacing.  This can be as simple as making sure batteries do not need to be replaced.

Furthermore, as a part of your training, you can generate ideas on how to use the equipment productively in your sensory room with your users. Get creative and have fun! For example, for a user who needs a calming environment, set-up the room with soothing music, low lights, and aromas to sooth and relax, or if you are introducing a new topic in class use the lights and sounds and images that you can create with bubble tubes, fibre optics, music and projectors to set the scene!

Just remember that with all the fun you can have in your sensory room, it will only work to its best ability if you train those using it to use it well!

If you require additional training in your sensory room please call Experia on 0800 612 6077 or send an email to [email protected]

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