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Why use a Multi-Sensory Room?

Following on from my Educational Value of Sensory Room Equipment Series, I bring you my latest instalment, why use a multi-sensory room?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a multi-sensory room is all the fun that I am going to have in it! With all the interactive equipment, lights and sound that I can use and create how could I not have fun? Multi-sensory rooms are fun, there is no doubt about that and everybody really likes to use them. Besides having fun in them, multi-sensory rooms are a safe haven for some where they can take refuge and rest and relax.

Park School 1

For others, it is an amazing learning environment where ‘things’ can come to life to help with the learning experience. Yet, for others, they may have difficulty processing sensory input and utilising an adaptive response in their environment to function well and appropriately. By using the multi-sensory room, the individual can be guided through activities that challenge their ability to respond appropriately to sensory input furthering their independence. There are so many uses to a multi-sensory room. We would like to hear how you are using yours. Please share with us on our blog!

Park School 2

Next time I'm going to talk about Sensory Input Activities that you can be used in a multi-sensory rooms to aid skills development.

Photos taken at Parks School in Kilmarnock, Scotland and are courtesy of Malcolm Cochrane.

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