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Sabah Al Salem MiLE Room

Maceen Al Sharq Co are experienced professionals who supply innovative products, specialised services and lucrative engineering solutions to the Healthcare sector. We recently worked in partnership with them on their latest project, in order to help design and create a variety of multi-sensory rooms for Al Riadah School. They wanted the rooms to provide pupils with learning difficulties the opportunity to develop through therapy and stimulation of the senses. Experia UK’s longstanding professional partnership with the Maceen Al Sharq Co and wealth of experience in multi-sensory room integration, meant we were able to start working right away on creating a number of multi-sensory rooms that met their requirements.

The MiLE room, or Multisensory Learning Environment was created with the intention of making learning more engaging for the pupils. The room is able to combine light, sound, video, vibration, moving air, aromas and even atmospheric conditions into a controllable immersive experience, tailored to the needs of the individual regardless of age or ability.

With the help of Experia's specially designed IRiS Room Director software, therapists can now create scenarios on any theme specific to the pupils needs by dragging and dropping multiple videos, images and triggers onto a simple-to-use timeline. The media can then appear on or through any of the IRiS sensory equipment in the room, and instructions for the users to press a switch or otherwise interact with their environment can also appear.

Our MiLE room includes:


The versatility of the MiLE room means that it can be tailored to all abilities and needs. Pupils can now be transported into space, under the sea, back in time or anywhere that relates to the therapists teaching programme. The room is able to accommodate the teaching of complex subjects to high functioning individuals, as well as creating themes for calming and distraction therapy, beneficial for users with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Overall, the room is designed to provide a brilliant range of features that can engage all the senses, having a different function for every pupil regardless of ability. In the MiLE room stimuli can be provided for absolutely everyone, so that vital skills and independence are able to be developed as well as the senses.

The school and all involved in the project were delighted when the room was complete and we cannot wait to work with Maceen Al Sharq Co again in the future when plans for more rooms are further developed. Rabih El Khazandar from Maceen Al Sharq Co said, “Yes of course, we would recommend Experia, they are our partner and we want to grow up together in this business.”

If you need expert advice or require additional information for your own multi- sensory project, please contact our expert and friendly team so we can guide you through the process. Alternatively, call our freephone helpline on 0800 612 6077 to speak to an adviser right away and we’ll be happy to help.