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The Newtonia at Al Riadah School

Experia UK recently worked on a new project with their long standing partner, Maceen Al Sharq Co, based in the state of Kuwait. They are an experienced and highly reputable engineering and technology company, providing innovative products and efficient engineering solutions to the healthcare sector.

Together we were asked to provide a selection of multi-sensory rooms at Al Riadah School in Sabah Al Salem, to aid in the advancement of therapy for children with learning disabilities, through sensory stimulation. We immediately began working together on creating the perfect rooms for the school.

The Newtonian

The Newtonia was an important choice for the school, as it has vital features that encourages interactive soft play, transforming users’ into a world of sensory adventure. The movement of the wobble board , the sounds coming from the interactive slide when it is used and the colour-changing ball pool, are just a few examples of what lies in store with this room. These creative rewards for interaction mean that users are able to engage fully with the environment, thereby continuing to practice their gross motor skills, in order to develop their vestibular and proprioceptive senses.

Play can have a profound effect on users’ development, and can positively change how a user’s brain reacts to touch, sound, sight and movement. For users with Dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder, combining physical and intellectual challenges can have a positive outcome on their ability to interact with and understand the world around them. Thus, dramatically improving their lives.

The Newtonia Package Includes:

The Newtonia was chosen as it provides a range of features that can engage all the senses including; visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and vibration. There is a function for every child, providing a stimuli for everyone regardless of ability, helping children to develop vital skills as well as independence. In addition to improving physical skills through the variety of soft play equipment, the Newtonia features an interactive piano and an IRiS balance beam, which can change colour via the IRiS Light Spreaders when users step on the different keys. Features like these can help enormously with the development of balance, coordination, colour recognition and cause and effect skills.

We are so pleased to hear that the school and everyone involved with the project was delighted with the finished room. Furthermore, we are happy to hear that there are plans for many more rooms to be made in the future. Our professional partner Eng. Mohammad from Maceen Al Sharq Co said, “Yes of course, we would recommend Experia, they are our partner and we want to grow up together in this business.”

If you need expert advice or require additional information for your own multi-sensory project, please contact our expert and friendly team, so we can guide you through the process. Alternatively, call our freephone helpline on 0800 612 6077 to speak to an adviser right away and we’ll be happy to help.