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Case study - From fitness to fun, Experia creates a first for Reading Leisure Centre.

reading leisure centre sensory room

A public leisure centre in Reading has become one of only a handful in the UK to offer a sensory room for disabled children and young people within the local community.

Michelle Ward, manager at Academy Sport Centre, the chosen building for the new facility, worked closely with experienced sensory advisors from Experia to design the best sensory solution possible using the latest products. The room was fitted with the wireless range of IRiS ™ products to give a distinctive edge to the room. To ensure the most was made of the space, it was divided into two areas, a calming, dark room for relaxation and de-escalation and an interactive room incorporating video projection, sound, LED bubble-tubes, interactive wall panels, fibre optics, wall paddings and bean bags.

The sensory room in open for individual visits, booking and group bookings and has been designed to help develop essential life skills including language, hand-eye-coordination, awareness and sensory dysfunction. The multi-sensory experience is also effective in blocking out distractions, helping children remain focused and achieving calmness.

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