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Fundraising should be fun, exciting and the simple ideas tend to be the best and easiest to organise. This pack has been designed to help you organise and develop fundraising ideas to help secure funding for sensory equipment.

Our most important tip before you get started is to make sure everyone knows that you are fundraising; others may have some great ideas that could really help.

Don’t forget to place your quotation and the chosen design of your sensory room on a wall near reception. By explaining the reasons behind the sensory equipment and why you are trying to raise money early on, people are more likely to get on board.

Ask members of staff, family and friends to spread the word of your fundraising efforts. The key to fundraising is momentum, if no one knows you are trying to raise money, how can you raise it?

In this pack you will find fundraising ideas, sample press releases, sample letters, helpful tips and a poster, to show how much you have raised. We hope all of these tools and resources help you with funding for sensory equipment. Please fill in the form below to request your fundraising pack today!

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