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IRiS & IRiS+

IRiS+ App

Experia's wireless interactive IRiS technology allows you to control any multisensory product with any IRiS switch, including pushbuttons, track-pads, voice-sensors, pressure mats, vibration switches and pressure or movement sensitive soft-play, plus many more. In fact, if we don't already do the switch you need, we'll make you one!

Simply pair your chosen IRiS Talker (switch) with any number or combination of IRiS Listeners (multisensory products), and you can create personalised interactive reward systems for your users.

Plus with our FREE IRiS+ App, now available on both Apple and Android devices, you can use your smartphone* or tablet* to wirelessly coordinate all your IRiS equipment. This unique app opens up a whole new world of learning and development and is the most advanced control switch on the market.

*This product does not include a tablet or smartphone and needs an iconvertor to make it function with your existing equipment