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Music & DVDs

Experia can provide a wide range of sensory music on CD, perfect to help you create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, or to develop theming in your sensory room.

Our range of DVDs provide a soothing and distracting visual as well as auditory experience, ideal for calming and de-escalation for those with ASD, Dementia or other sensory issues.

Music and DVD's can be a fantastic distraction via both visual and auditory stimulation. To have a room full of beautiful, calming music or a DVD with exciting or peaceful visuals can really help create a restful, still atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation when the senses are overstimulated. 

Books can have this same effect on users, we have a great collection picture books that include writing for all reading levels. 

An effective, simple and cheap addition to a calming sensory room.