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Sensory Rooms

What Is A Sensory Room?

Sensory Rooms are specially designed environments that provide a sensory experience to people, young and old, with a wide variety of different abilities. Traditionally, sensory rooms were used for relaxation and de-escalation, when people with autism, emotional and behavioural difficulties, sensory processing disorder, or other special needs would find themselves overwhelmed and in need of a safe and distracting place to return to a state of calm. They are very often still used for calming today, but with advances in technology the best multisensory rooms can do so much more! From Interactive Sensory Rooms, through our unique IRiS Sensory Technology, to the Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment, or MiLE, that transports your users into a whole new world of adventure, Experia's Sensory Rooms have been carefully designed following decades of working with some of the most qualified professionals in the world and listening to our clients' needs. We are passionate about inclusion and changing lives, and believe that everyone should be able to benefit from our equipment, regardless of ability. Check out our range of Multisensory Environments below, to see the wide variety of life skills that Experia's multisensory equipment can help your users to develop.