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Sensory Bedrooms

For people with autism, dementia, ADHD, or a variety of other abilities that mean they find it hard to relax and switch their mind-chatter off before bedtime, a Sensory Bedroom can be invaluable in helping them get to sleep.

The soothing lights and sounds of a Sensory Bedroom provide the perfect calming environment to help distract users from their heightened emotions or overwhelming thoughts, soothing them into a state that promotes rest, or helps them to de-stress prior to an anxiety-inducing procedure.

Check out some of our Sensory Bedroom Ideas, for individual products that are perfect for use at home, or take a look at our Sensory Bedroom Packages, which have been carefully crafted to turn a user's bedroom into a perfect tranquil environment for promoting sleep.

We're here to help, so if you'd like to talk to one of our sensory specialists about creating your own sensory bedroom either at home or in a care home, hospice or hospital, then Contact Us today.