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Sladecolour Switches

Sladecolour Switches
Ex VAT £42.99 Inc VAT £51.59
Colour coded and tactile switches using the innovative 3D conceptRead more...

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Ex VAT £42.99 Inc VAT £51.59


  • Our Sladecolour Switches are based on the innovative tactile and visual system developed by John Slade in the UK. Each shape on the switches corresponds to one of the Sladecolour buttons enabling blind users to relate to colour by touch
  • Each Sladecolour Switch is made from tough, durable and tactile wood and has a colour coded cable making it easy to identify when multiple switches are used
  • They are designed to take knocks while offering the user a worthwhile tactile response
  • Each switch is fitted with a 6.35mm jack plug making it compatible with most devices
  • Large size, making it suitable for most users: 130mm D * 90mm W * 40mm H
  • Available in eight bright colours individually or sets of four or eight switches

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