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Sensory Solutions for Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a common form of learning difficulty which can relate to spelling, writing and reading. It is known as a specific learning difficulty due to affecting abilities such as reading and writing. However dyslexia is a learning difficulty, not disability and as such the intelligence of the person isn’t affected. It is unclear how many people have dyslexia but estimated as between one in ten and one in twenty. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition and can challenge people on a daily basis – support with reading and writing can help sufferers.

Some of the signs of Dyslexia include: being slow in terms of reading and writing; struggling with spelling;  confusing when it comes to the ordering of words; write letters the wrong way round – so a ‘d’ as a ‘b’ and so on; finding written instructions hard to follow and possibly struggle with planning and organisation.

No one really understands how challenging school can be for a child with Dyslexia. It is a hidden disability that often goes misdiagnosed. Yet learning how to track with your eyes can have a profound effect on learning to read and mastering maths and written communication skills. Spending regular time in a room with softened lights and projected images that encourage visual awareness and interaction may not only help with such skills but also reduce anxiety and build up self-confidence. Scenes can be projected onto walls, light can be followed down a fiber-optic path or tunnel and shadows and shapes be used to encourage visual tracking, visual memory and visual stimulation.  Products are carefully designed and selected to maximize the benefits of each experience, thereby improving these instrumental tools for success.

 Some great tools for engaging individuals with Dyslexia:

Balance Beam

Bubble Tubes

Fiber Optics

Sound Boards

IRIS Sensory Room


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