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Epilepsy (EPI)

Epilepsy (EPI)

Sensory Solutions For Epilepsy (EPI)

Epilepsy is a brain condition which means that the sufferer tends to have seizures. Anyone can suffer a seizure, however this doesn’t make them epileptic. Epilepsy is diagnosed after a number of seizures and doctors suspect that more could happen. It can start at any age and comes in a number of forms – some last a limited time whereas other forms are lifelong. It is fairly common with an estimated 60000 sufferers in the UK.

Epileptic seizures are the result of a sudden intense burst of electrical energy in the brain, leading to disruption of how the brain works thus resulting in an epileptic seizure. Seizures come in a range of types, and the results of a seizure depends on the part of the brain it affects. During some seizures the sufferer is alert and aware of their surroundings, whereas in others awareness is lost. Some can have unusual sensations movements and feelings, whereas others may drop to the floor and jerk .

Time and time again we see a soothing effect on the use of our multi- sensory rooms for individuals with epilepsy. For those regularly spending consistent amounts of time in a sensory controlled environment, there can even be a reduction in the quantity or severity of the seizures. An epileptic seizure is extremely debilitating and a major interference with an individuals day-to-day life. Perhaps it’s our calming vibro-acoustic sound waves or controlled lighting and soothing images. We can actually induce calm into our rooms with our fiber optics, bubble tubes, IRIS controlled light tunnels, interactive switches, digital sound and aromatherapy. No one really knows how profound time in our rooms may be for individuals with epilepsy, but if the reduction is even minimal, we feel it is time well spent.*

Some great tools for engaging individuals with Epilepsy:

Bubble Tubes

Fiber Optics

Sound Boards



We offer FREE 3D Room Design Service. If you need assistance with designing a sensory space that encourages movement, balance, speech, and awareness, just reach out to us. With the help from our expert sensory advisors, we can help you create the perfect environment for your particular needs.

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*Be aware that for some individuals too much sensory stimuli may cause a seizure to occur. Do not present an over-load of sensory stimuli to an individual who is prone to seizures. Be aware of their medical condition and seek advice as needed from an appropriate person (i.e. Occupational Therapist, Medical Doctor).

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