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Understanding Vestibular Disorders

The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that process the sensory information involved with controlling balance and eye movements. If disease or injury damages these processing areas, vestibular disorders can be caused. People with vestibular disorders often experience problems with vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, and/or imbalance. These are the problems that rehabilitation aims to address.

Experia have a wealth of experience in creating sensory equipment that can help to stimulate a wide range of senses. Different senses are stimulated by different sensory products and our expert team of advisors will be able to talk you through which products are suitable for different abilities.

Our sensory products have a variety of functionalities, for example, some people may have senses that need to be stimulated via vibration, whereas others have senses that are better stimulated with lights or sounds.

Experia tailor makes sensory equipment and bespoke sensory rooms to suit any need and budget. We also offer a free 3D room design service, if you need a little help with the designing process of your sensory space. With the help from our expert sensory advisors, we can help you create the perfect environment for the needs of its users.

You can also request a product catalogue or DVD by clicking here, to get some more ideas for your sensory space. For information about our products and services, please get in touch today on Freephone 0800 612 6077.

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