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Wanderlust - The immersive room

Wanderlust - The immersive room
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Take the multisensory adventure of Experia’s MiLE system a step further with the immersive experience of this package’s four-way integrated projection.

Immersive yourself with images and video on three walls and even the floor, then enhance the multisensory experience by using the intuitive IRiS Room Director Software to enable users to control the themes with numerous wireless switches to really bring the experience to life and feel as if you’re really there!

To see the Wanderlust 360 degree experience, click here or scroll down to find out more.



Take the multisensory adventure of Experia’s MiLE room a step further with the immersive experience of this package’s four-way integrated projection. The wide-angled interactive 3-wall and floor projections integrate together to not only envelope the users in imagery of your chosen theme or destination, but are fully interactive thanks to the latest in movement sensor technology, so that they'll feel as if they're really there! Take your users under the sea and marvel as the fish swim away from your movements: great for gross motor development and cause and effect understanding. Thanks to the IRiS Room Director Software, users can also control the video projections using any of the IRiS Talkers (switches), including the Colour Selector Deluxe, the Qube, the Lightwand and the Soundswitch, in order to develop a vast range of life skills, from concentration to tracking, hand-eye coordination, social interaction and vocalisation skills. Not just great for schools, both SEN and mainstream, Wanderlust is incredibly versatile and can provide an invaluable area for relaxation and reminiscence for nursing homes, care homes and hospices: The immersive experience can take users with dementia back in time to a familiar and happy place in order to help them calm and de-escalate.

Have a look around this room by dragging your mouse across the image below (Google Chrome recommended), or click here on your mobile to view in VR (VR Goggles required)

Wanderlust includes:

  • High-spec Computer
  • 3x Wide Angle Projectors & Brackets
  • 3x Wall Sensors
  • Interactive Floor Projector & Bracket
  • IRiS Computer Interface
  • Room Director Software
  • Touchscreen & Wall Bracket
  • IRiS Colour Selector Deluxe
  • IRiS Qube
  • IRiS Soundswitch
  • IRiS Scanner
  • IRiS Lightwand
  • IRiS Recordable Speaker
  • IRiS Shape Projector
  • 10x 1m IRiS Striplights
  • IRiS Fog Machine
  • IRiS Aroma Generator & 10 Aroma Bottles
  • IRiS Jet Stream
  • 6-way Master Pairer
  • 2x Bean Bags
  • IRiS Vibro-acoustic Platform 2m x 1m & Wall Padding
  • Instruction Manuals

Additional Information

Sensory Rooms Multi Sensory Packages, Multi Sensory Rooms, M.I.L.E, Immersive
Sectors Architects, Building & Construction, Care Homes, Hospices, Hospitals, Local Authorities, Nursing Homes, Social Care
Senses Visual (sight), Auditory (sound), Tactile (touch), Olfactory (smell)
Uses Balance, Calming, Cause and Effect, Colour Recognition, Communication Skills, Concentration, De-escalation, Development of Choice, Distraction Therapy, Emotional Development, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Hand to Eye Coordination, Interaction, Number Recognition, Physical Skills, Relaxation, Reminiscence, Sequencing, Shape Recognition, Social Interaction, Sound/Music Therapy, Story Telling, Switching Skills, Tactile, Theming, Tracking Skills, Turn Taking
Abilities Asperger’s Syndrome (ASP), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism (AUT), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Dementia, Down Syndrome (Downs), Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (DCD), Emotional and Behavioural Disorder (EBD), Epilepsy (EPI), High Functioning Individuals, Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD), Pervasive Development Disorder, Physical Difficulties (PHY DIFF), Sensory Processing Disorder, Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), Visual Impairment (VI), Psychological Disorder, Brain Injured, Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), Self Harm